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Need Versus Costs: Understanding EHR Data Migration Options

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White Paper from EHR IQ Center

Over 50% of physician offices and group practices are replacing their electronic health record (EHR) systems. Dissatisfaction with first-generation systems, physician practice mergers, and hospital acquisitions are all driving the move from legacy EHRs to newer, more sophisticated software.

With this painful decision comes the same challenge experienced with a medical practice's original EHR implementation--getting data into the new system. However, now practices have decades of data, terabytes of information, and multiple vendors to manage. Time and cost requirements to migrate data from one EHR to another must be weighed against the benefits of your productivity and continuing patient care. Core areas for practices to consider include staff stress, financial risk, and physician productivity.

This white paper helps you navigate new data-migration decisions when replacing your EHR system. Key considerations and "must-haves" for effective data migration decisions are included as well as strategies on how to address the change.