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No. 610 Geriatric IV Training Arm

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Instruction Manual from Simulaids Inc

The SIMULAIDS' Geriatric IV TRAINING ARM offers special features for phlebotomy and infusion of an aging population. Live cast for extreme realism, the feel of this arm is unmatched on the market for tactile feedback. The new skin material, tiny vein diameter, and loose vein channel configurations will challenge every level of IV practitioner with veins that avoid the needle. All phases of IV therapy can be taught and evaluated on this trainer, including: sterile technique, securing, phlebotomy, infusion, titration, and care of the catheterized site. Unlimited vein access from wherever a vein can be palpated encourages learning the vein locations. This product contains latex veins to promote both the pop felt with correct catheterization and the self-sealing properties for longer duration before replacement of the veins.