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Definition : Equipment designed for automated or semiautomated aspiration (i.e., suction) and irrigation of body cavities and/or other body areas. These devices typically include pumps that deliver the liquid and/or suction the debris, an easy-to-handle (e.g., pistol-like) handpiece that usually has a clamp to control the power of the irrigation/suctioning flush, and appropriate tubing to connect the handpiece to the main suction and irrigation unit. The equipment is frequently supplied with dedicated auxiliary irrigation kits that may include connectors, splash shields, and adapters; some devices use the hospital vacuum system. Aspirator/irrigators are intended to clean and improve visualization of clinical or surgical procedure sites (e.g., body cavities) by irrigating and removing fluids, necrotic tissues, and debris. Dedicated aspirator/irrigators are available for surgical, ophthalmic, dental, wound care, and uterine procedures; devices intended for endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures are also available.

Entry Terms : "Lavage Units"

UMDC code : 13845

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