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Definition : Devices designed to evacuate gas, fluid, tissue, or foreign materials from the body by means of vacuum suction. These devices usually consist of a powered (or less frequently) manual vacuum pump, a regulator and gauge, a suction tube, one or more collection canisters, plastic tubes connecting the components to each other, and an overflow protection and/or bacteria filter. Typically the pump creates a vacuum in the suction (e.g., tubes, catheters, cannulae) tubing which is inserted into the cavity; then the debris is removed and routed to a specimen container. The vacuum capacity varies from as high as 400 mm Hg or more to as low as 80-120 mm Hg or less; free flow rates may be as low as 5 liter/min or as high as 35 liter/min. Aspirators may be portable or mobile and line- or battery-powered. Dedicated aspirators are available for surgical procedures (e.g., general surgery, liposuction, and uterine suction); for breast milk extraction; and/or for clearing of secretion during dental; gastric; wound, and airway procedures. They are mainly used when suction from a central vacuum system is not available or appropriate.

Entry Terms : "Suction Units" , "Suction Pumps" , "Evacuators" , "Vacuum Pumps" , "Sump Pumps" , "Pumps, Suction" , "Pumps, Aspirator" , "Compressors, Aspirator"

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